Hardness tester

hardness tester

A hardness tester is used to measure and determine metals’ strength and the long-lasting capability they have. Reliable results on a hardness test of any material are determined by SI units that show a clear representation of everything. Some of these units include Brinell, Rockwell and Knoop.

Application of hardness testers

Hardness of an object is often described as a material’s ability to sustain rigidity when exposed in an environment of high pressure. There are several levels of hardness of a material. These levels include the following:

hardness tester

1.Indentation hardness

This is referred to as the ability to sustain permanent deformation on a material, commonly in metals. Most engineers use this term when discussing materials since it’s primarily based on construction products’ lifeline.

2. Scratch hardness

This is the ability of a material to withstand any form of scratch. By the use of a diamond tip on the tester, the results have an assured clarity. Often used by engineers making phones to know the durability.

hardness tester

3. Dynamic Hardness

 commonly meant to know the elasticity level of a material. The diamond tip is always hammered onto the material and the re-bounce is measured to determine the outcome.

These testers are the key to determine the quality of a material; it is paramount for all manufacturers to ensure all their products undergo the test. This product has helped revolutionise the engineering society.