Recycling Machines

recycling machines

Our planet relentlessly generates waste materials all the time, leading to a series of diseases and environmental degradation globally. These effects, if left unchecked, could threaten our existence on earth. To combat these factors, technology has enabled us to develop solutions that target the root cause, plastic and other non-biodegradable material that man produces, such as recycling machines. These machines are used to recycle plastic and metals both on a small scale and large-scale basis.

Types of recycling machines

1. Centrifuge Separator

Centrifuge Separator is exclusive for plastic recycling plants and is used to dry, clean, and separate differently sized and types of plastic on a large scale. The centrifuge separator’s rotor runs at 1,500 rpms and works simultaneously with another perforated trommel running opposite. In this process, heavier plastic material will descend to the bottom while the lighter materials that might not be plastics are separated through the punctured trommel and disposed of.

2. Baling Press

These machines compress the waste material into tightly packed bundles called bales, after which they are transported to a separate factory for further recycling process or storage awaiting chemical disposal. This process helps the process of recycling because if many plastics need transportation to the recycling plants, compression is the only way to transport most of them while still maximizing space occupation.

recycling machines

3. Reel Splitters

These are hydraulic machines used to chop and cut defective paper reels. After this process, the cut paper are reduced in size, ready to be transported to another process to complete the recycling. Some reel spitters are configured to cut more rigid material like aluminum reels and can chop bales of compressed plastic and paper.

4. Rotary Shears

This machine differs from reel splitters as they rotate much slower but has a double shaft crusher and a high torque. This machine is mostly used for cutting high-volume plastic, wire, and metal into smaller pieces.

5. Paper Refiner

This machine is exclusively used in paper recycling plants by refining the fiber in paper to improve the capacity oof its fibers’ to bond with other paper and create a smoother and firmer recycled paper.

6. Granulators

A granulator is used for crushing or cutting waste materials into granule-sized particles. Such sized waste material is easy to transport and store, awaiting the following recycling process

Bottom line

Recycling is a crucial way to fight the overwhelming amount of non-biodegradable material that degrades our planet. recycling is also important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the amount of waste in landfills, and allow the plastic to be reused to its optimal capacity before being chemically destroyed. Our planet needs us to step up and save it before it dies off with us on it, and the first approach is to reduce the number of plastics and metals that end up disposed of on earth, and the use of recycling machines help in this fight both at a large scale and small scale levels.

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